Black Ribbed Long-Sleeve Sports Top - Multiple Sizes

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Introduce our Ribbed Chic Longsleeve T-shirt – designed for women who demand ultimate comfort and style. With moisture-wicking tech, this top will give you the freedom to perform at your best on all occasions. Look & feel chic at the gym with this slim-fit Ribfinity black longsleeve. Made from soft, lightweight fabric for a snug fit and stylish look. Moisture-wicking tech keeps you fresh and dry while you move. Look good and stay comfortable - train with confidence. Get yours today on Pulse Fitness Wear! (4 pcs set - This amount pertains solely to the long-sleeve)
  • Quality:
    High Quality
  • Features:
    • Top – comfort and style combined
    • Stay dry with moisture-wicking tech
    • Move freely during workouts
    • Versatile for any occasion
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    Material: Nylon, Spandex